Dearest You.

My Name is Maj-Lis Therese, and Im on my own Souljourney -where I want to share with You – How to begin to live an Authentical living according to Your souls purpose.

I didnt choose to travel into My own Deep Soul Journey  for real, until back in 2010.

I was undergoing a surgery, that had me under such a heavy sedation that combined with other complications that occured simultaneously,  went to the state that I actually Died – only some few seconds – but enough time to, My Spirits & Guides showed me, that I had to begin accept and begin to stay in service, with sharing, what Im born with. They also told me, that it would not be easy at all, actually, I had to learn how to trust and be bold, because I had to cope with living in an unavailable  painful body, that would require my highest consiousness to really be the primary engine, to raise myself above the pain…and it is what I have been working with.

-Not being afraid to fail – but to welcome it,

-Not accept, that my life was, my perception at that time – but believe and trust the visions the Spirits showed me, how and what my present could be, – if i started change my mindset, right there,  in the past.

-Not to let fear run my life ; but learn how to get in dialogue with her & use the energy and focus from her, to get me through the borderline of my mind, and receive my freedom.

It teached me a great lesson:

 –  The thoughts, the doings and the dont´s, every moment of your life – matters  –

I have finally started my heart-business, from where I share and teach and mentor how to live a life, – when  you are really at home – within  you.  It is the greatest and most blessed journey, I myself have EVER taken & still choose to take every single morning, when I open my eyes to this magical world.

My magical adventure.

I really want to motivate & wish to Inspire You –  to make a choice to travel inwards on the adventure a Soul-Journey is – and I sincerely hope, that  you can feel you resonates with the healing that I load into every word I write, because You are here for a reason.

 – You have been called in – responded to The call from your Soul and your Heart has responded.


Maj-Lis Therese


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