When Your Soul Calls For You & Your Heart Responds.

I have always been in contact with the spirits.

They have always been a part of my daily life, supporting and Pulling me gentle into diving inwards and explore what my soul was telling me.

It took me many many years, to accept the fact, that i couldnt escape or run from the truth.

-That Im A Part Of The Universe Herself & That The Lightbeings Are Guiding Me And Thereby To All Of Us –

Showing that the Divine Source is present within everyone of us, and being the expression of constantly showing

how I let the source energy be a part of my life,

the solutions I create,

the choices I choose,

the things that I do,

The way that i think, and so on…

Simply by sharing from my life and from how I am in service in my heart-business ; -How to live an Authentic Living-as the focus in all that I do.

And that I finally realized that the truth of the fact is, The metaempathics gifts that I am born with, are one of the primary soul purpose to live and work by, and be in service & connected within the Universe, with Them communicating to me, how to support You in: how to live a life aligned with your soulpurpose/soulcode.

My Intentions are always loaded with LOVE – that is the vibration that I deliberately send out, and  into every aspect in my life.

It is an energy-state I create and mould into a form where it can grow and reach out by expanding itself all the time.  And by doing that as the very first dedicated intention and promise towards myself:


“Im stepping up  within the All of Me – to my soul and my body : The daily affirmations. that expresses from me to me,  how much my soul and therefore the Divine, are Loving my whole human, -my body ,that are my souls vessel -from where the Universe work through ….by telling ” I Love You ” to me- no matter what i feel – think – act – do – don´t – it is an act of LOVING me UNCONDITIONAL all the time.

My purpose, is to educate and support those who are ready to step up to that responsibility and ready to do the deep hard work,  that it WILL require, to transform the you rigth now, into the Authentic Vibrant Soulconnected YOU….

Stay You.

Always Be You.

Shine Your Light.

Soul-Smiles from me….Maj-Lis Therese.


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